It has been awhile since my last update.

Simon and I are married now.

No, i am NOT the wife. Regardless of what Kittan is spreading around. We are both husbands. Equally.

Now i'm on my way to our honeymoon. Don't ask where it is, i won't tell you.

Be back in... well, whenever Simon wants to come back.

Which might take awhile. Considering he has paperwork to do, i'm sure he'll make every possible excuse to draw the honeymoon longer.

I don't mind. At all.

 Been avoiding the topic. But it seems everyone knows anyways.

Yes. Simon and I are in a relationship.

No. It's none of your business.

Can't Sleep
I had a good day today.

A little different. Cleaned an entire house, i was so bored out of my mind.

Then the day ended on a good note. 

...a very good note.

A note i'll have to do  more often. Though i don't think he'd let me.

Staying home
Staying home sick today. My first day off over the course of my job.

Nothing to do.

So bored.

I wonder if there's any paperwork lying around here i can do.

...i also wonder if this "Playstation" is any fun.

A tiny bit... squicked.
Not sure what other word is appropriate. I didn't expect breaking it off with my girlfriend of one year would go so easily. 

I didn't even want to break it off in the first place. I just had to. A little bit of outside influence.

I also didn't expect her to be so happy about my new relationship. Who that is with, is none of your business.

So therefore, life is going too well.

Need to drive home now. Or more specifically, my new... significant other's home. Wish me luck? I need it.

Interesting day, I suppose
Not much to say on the matter.

Just remind me to tell the entire staff that only i am permitted to let them go on breaks.

And omelettes at 8 o'clock PM are actually quite delicious.


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